Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' The Night '

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It all started one dark night in a town named Gravestone. The world was already dead in my eyes, with an egotistical, selfish, maniac as mayor they call him Don Adolph, with him as mayor everything in our town was absolute madness no sense of direction anywhere. Don believed that humans can be immortal and live as long as they want. Don wasn’t always insane back in his school years he loved science he even Mastered science in college. One-day Don finally thought he did it, he finally thought he made some kind of immortal potion that can make people live forever. Don order pilots to fly in the sky and spread his potion over Gravestone, nobody had any idea what was going on. I remember it like it was yesterday everybody skin burning, eyes glistening red, my wife and kids screaming in agony, I didn’t understand anything that was going on, then looked up at the sky and I saw jets with some green gas trailing behind it. I knew Don had something to do with it but, I was so confused how come I wasn’t being infected by the gas, could it be that I am immune.
My name is Gary Black, I am 35, I have been killing zombies for two months. Every day is a struggle to try to find food and a place to sleep. Ever since the infection, I feel like I have been fighting every day of my life. While I was walking I saw a campfire and a tent so I went to check it out and I see a rotten carcass. I looked at the sky and saw some red smoke, I knew it had to be a flare so I sprinted towards the area it…

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