Analysis Of The Book ' The Night ' Essay

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Springboard #1

Seth (19) 6’5, 275lbs, wears the midnight black robes of a first level necromancer, finds Lyla (24) 5’1 wearing the deep red robes of a third level necromancer, staring at a hole in the hallway floor that looks like Jesus. While Seth is retrieving lunch for Lyla, she is called away by Snail, her boyfriend. Over the next few weeks, they meet and talk near the Jesus ' face. They start researching Christianity and even sneak a bible into the school. One day Lyla informs Seth that she wants to break up with her boyfriend Snail. Seth, having feelings for her, implores her to take the plunge. The next day, as Seth returns to the face, he witnesses the altercation between Lyla and Snail. Seeing Snail ready a death spell, Seth tackles him and beats him to death. He learns that Lyla was about to land a death spell of her own. Seth is expelled for using physical instead of magical violence. As he leaves he meets up with Lyla who had been offered a job as an interim necromancer in Gnarlburg and invites Seth to join her on the journey.

Springboard #2

On the road, Seth finds that for the first time in his life he is happy. They all get along very well for the first few weeks until, while on the road, Seth screws up his courage enough to profess his love for Lyla. She freaks out. Unable to deal with Seth, Lyla leaves him a note, saying that she does not see Seth in the same light that he does her and flees in the middle of the night. Unable to return home and…

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