Analysis Of The Book ' The Night ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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Becky is on the floor again when she wakes up. There is only tea and toast on the table. She is still sore from the day before. She nibbled on the toast and looked at the door that was open. It is the red one. She did not enter this one yesterday. Becky decided to eat very slowly to see how long it would take to be forced. She was only half way finished when the table and food disappeared. She did not get up and the chair disappeared from under her. It hurt when she landed hard on the floor.
She sat there screaming and slamming her hands on the floor. Then the walls began to move. It was obvious her tantrum would have no effect on what would happen. She got up and moved through the door.
The room was definitely red, blood red. The color seemed to flow down the walls. The color and movement makes Becky seem disorientated. She freezes just inside the door. She does not want to enter into this room. It scares her. A tether comes down and attaches to her collar, and drags her into the center of the room.
Humming from her wrists tells her they are about to be restrained. They force her arms above her head and the wristbands snap together. Another tether hooks to them and it tightens, raising her onto her toes. The neck collar expands, but not to its full height. She is able to look around the room.
Something grabs her ankles out from under her. Becky’s legs are suddenly in the air attached to the ceiling like her arms. The tethers force her legs wide…

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