Analysis Of The Book ' The Mountain Man ' Essay example

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The Mountain Man


Troy James Knapp slowly withdrew from life in the modern world, feeling the call of the woods drawing him in. Long weekends out in the wild grew in length as the ant like human behaviour of the cities became a bitter taste to avoid in the background of a life that had slowly turned sour. The purity of the wild became the bedrock and foundation of the next six years of Troy’s life as he committed himself to a full time life in the wild.

Life in the wild is tough especially in the winter months as heavy snow blankets fall. Troy would find himself on occasion breaking and entering the hunting lodges of the rich in order to restock on munitions and food. He would leave notes of thanks for the owners.

On 2nd April 2013 Troy’s string of breaking and entering cabins caught up with him. He had been identified on CCTV of a cabin he had broken into. That was the information that the police and FBI needed to move in on his position after six years on the run. They finally had their man pinned down. A shoot out ensued in which Troy shot at a helicopter. Not long after that he was surrounded and the only option was surrender. Life in the wild had come to an end and a new life of locked rooms and small cells awaited, as the judge ruled that he should be jailed for at least ten years. The life of solitude was over and the struggle of the new chapter of prison has just begun.

This is the story of a man who was on the run from the law and was capable of…

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