Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' The Lady Or The Tiger '

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Analysis: "The Lady or the Tiger?"
The "The Lady or the Tiger?" is one of the fascinating tales from the late 19th century. Francis Richard Stockton authored the story published in 1882. The tale belongs to the short story genre. The narrative describes the aspect of crime and punishment under the reign of "a semi-barbaric king" (Stockton 1). The fairy tale describes the hilarious fantasies that the young perpetrators of crime went through at the king 's court. The main characters include the king, the princess, and the young criminals. This paper examines whether the princess could direct her lover toward either the tiger or the lady. We hypothesise that the main aim of the princess is to save the young man; therefore, he will find the lady upon opening the entrance.
The princess ' knowledge and experience of her young lover improve her attitude towards him. The princess 's love for the young man has been strong because the gentleman idolised her more than anything else. The King 's daughter was "well satisfied with her lover" before the king knew about their affair (Stockton 2). Moreover, the young princess understood that the she "was the apple" of her father 's eyes (Stockton 2). However, the princess and the young commoner had been friends for some time. The young princess got deeply saddened by the incarceration of her lover. As such, one would expect the princess to be the young man 's saviour at his trying moment. Indeed, there is no point of her being present at…

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