Analysis Of The Book ' The ' Guarding Sing Sang ' By Ted Conover

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Newjack: Guarding Sing Sing
La’Quashia Sallie
University of North Texas

The book Newjack: Guarding Sing Sing by Ted Conover illustrates the real conditions within the country correctional facilities that are mainly entrusted with the correcting and rehabilitating the individuals found capable of various crimes. The author depicts the correctional guards as inherently sadistic and uses excess authority in stamping their presence in the facilities. The Newjack gives a detailed report of all the activities that takes place in the correctional facilities. The conduct of the guards is brought into the limelight by the author who has experienced the wrath of the correctional facilities since he spent one year working as a Newjack. Newjack is the term used by the inmates to refer to the new-minted New York correctional officer. The content of the book plays a crucial role in eliminating the common stereotypes that the society has about the life behind bars. The prison experiences of the guards affect their relationship with one another and the inmates in general.
The author does well in the content of this book because he tries to eliminate the stereotypes commonly held by the society about the cruel nature of the security guards within the correctional facilitates. The author uses a unique method of gaining access to the correctional facilities to get a clear picture of the occurrence of activities. The management of the prisons denies him access to the facilitates and out of…

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