Analysis Of The Book ' The Girl ' Essay

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Haven’t we all that had that special person in our life? Someone who takes care of us, spoils us, and good for us. A person who is like second mother but a person that you could tell stuff that you always tell you mother. Well Brenda Johnson was that type of person to me and I’m going to tell her story.
On May 5th, 1973 Brenda Johnson was born. She lived with her grandmother and grandfather because her mother had died in a terrible car accident and her father had to Texas and never tried to contact the family. Brenda grew up around her grandfather so she turned out to be just like him in a good way. Brenda was a very social girl who had a lot of friends. She was always nice and sweet to everyone, everyone wanted to around her. When she was 10 years old in the 6th grade she met a girl, not knowing that soon they’ll be best friends. The girl had just moved across the road. The girl name was Tiwanna but for reason Brenda called her Boo. The two of them had so much in common they both were 10 in the 6th grade, they lived with there grandparents, and they both are country girls. Brenda and Boo were so close Brenda’s grandfather said they were like “two peas in a pod” and they were so tight at school people who soon call one the girl the others name.
When Brenda reach High School her Dad got full custody over her and she had to move to Ruston to stay with him. Her father, Dale didn’t even care about her or had never before been in her life he just wanted to stop paying child…

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