Analysis Of The Book ' The Dark Knight ' Essay

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THE DARK KNIGHT The Dark Knight, a movie that is known as the peak of the Dark Knight Trilogy, a movie known as one of the greatest comic-book films of all time. One wouldn’t expect a movie based on a comic, much less one about a guy in a suit fighting crime, to have any sort of symbolism and to be a movie much more on society rather than the struggles of the main character. The Dark Knight like any movie, if looked at the surface, won’t mean anything to anyone. But, like most works of art, if looked at a deeper level, will definitely delight those who analyze it. Before we analyze the film, we must first lay the foundation upon which this film is based upon, the characters, setting, and the plot until now. This will only cover the first two films of the franchise, as these two films are needed to fully understand the analysis presented. Bruce Wayne, billionaire by day, crime fighter by night. After losing both his parents to a robbery gone wrong, Bruce inherits his family fortune and is left in the care of his butler, Alfred. Bruce goes to college and returns for the trial of the man who murdered his parents. Realizing what he has become, Bruce leaves Gotham and travels the world, getting himself into prisons and fighting prisoners daily. One day, a man gives Bruce a chance, a chance to join an elite league of men, dedicated to keeping the world free of evil. Bruce joins the League of Shadows, trains, and becomes the best. They end up wanting Bruce to kill a man, Bruce…

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