Essay Analysis Of The Book ' The Curtain '

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Calum watches Michael silently while he sleeps, his bare chest slowly moving up and down as he snores softly. The sun is barely peeking through the curtain on the other side of the hotel room, softly laying across the side of Michael 's face, and Calum can see little dust motes dancing around in the light. Calum smiles, tracing his index finger over the tattoo scribbled over Michael 's shoulder. It 's one of the few Michael had done on himself before he was actually of legal age to get tattoos. It 's one of Calum’s favorites. Calum really likes moments like this, where they 're both wrapped up in hotel bed sheets, their bodies close together so they can feed off of each other 's body heat. Waking up beside Michael always gives him this unbelievable feeling inside, he loves it. He 's just so soft and warm and he doesn 't ever want to get up, he would stay there for the rest of his life if he could. Michael stirs slowly, shifting closer to Calum 's body. He noses his way into Calum 's collarbone with a soft groan, pressing a feathery kiss to his skin, and that 's when Cal knows that he 's at least somewhat awake. "Hi," Michael mumbles, his voice low and drowsy. His arm is still wrapped around Calum like it had been all night, and he pulls himself closer to the dark haired boy. Grinning, Calum kisses the side of Michael 's head. "Morning, rock star," he says softly, watching as Michael 's lips twitch up into a smile. He loves Michael 's smile.…

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