Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' The Book Thief '

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The novel, The Book Thief, was published in the year 2005 and falls under the genre of historical fiction. In the novel, death narrates the story beginning in 1938. Liesel Meminger is presented as the book thief and is faced with many hardships at the beginning of the novel. She has lost both her parents including her little brother, Werner. This girl is faced with agony and death at such a young age in her life. This forms Liesel into a person who isolates her inner humanity and compassion towards others. When she is given off to her foster parents, they open up their hearts toward her and she feels at ease.
Liesel Meminger, her brother named Werner, and their mother are traveling by train to Munich, which is a city in Germany. This is where Liesel and Werner are soon to be given off to foster parents. Death suddenly comes to take Werner and he dies on the train. The mother and Liesel then get off the train to bury him a graveyard. After the burial, Leisel sees a black, rectangular book in the snow with silver writing on it. The mother and daughter go back to the train and continue to travel to Munich. On the outskirts of Munich, there is a small town called Molching. This is where the foster parents, the Hubermanns, live. Liesel is first skeptical about Hans and Rosa Hubermann. She then begins to warm up to the Hubermanns and adapt to her new life. Leisel frequently has nightmares and Hans plays the accordion to comfort her. He is also a house painter. She makes a friend,…

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