Death In The Book Night By Elie Wiesel

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How can the death of six million people change the life of a survivor? Elie Wiesel is the author the the book “Night”. He is a holocaust survivor, who has gone through a lot so Elie wrote a book about his long, painful, and scarring experience no one should have to go through. He endured many experiences after he was taken to the concentration camp, Auschwitz he is separated from his sisters and mother and must survive the Holocaust. He wrote about it so everyone would remember the Holocaust and never forget the six million lives lost to Hitler and the Nazis. In the book “Night” by Elie wiesel, the main character, Elie, is affected by the events in this book because he has lost his faith in God, he has become immune to death, and will never …show more content…
Elie seems to be becoming immune to death or just becoming accustomed to it. For example on page #54 Elie is watching his father be beaten and he states “ I had watched it happening without moving… I thought of stealing away in order to not suffer the blows… I felt anger in that moment, it was not directed at the kapo but at my father.”. This quote shows how as his father is being beaten he cares little, in fact he cares more that he is angry at his father for some reason rather that being angry at the man beating him. He has become immune to the beatings, for it surrounds him in everyday life, so he cares little about his father being beaten. Another time earlier in the book when Elie and his father first arrived at the concentration camp on page #39 his father was slapped by the Gypsy inmate incharge. Elie claims “I stood petrified,what had happened to me? My father had just been struck, in front of me, and i had not even blinked… had i changed so much?” In the quote from the book Night it shows how quickly Elie has changed because he is shocked that he just stood there. He is shocked because the old him would have done something about it. And Elie says “Only yesterday i would have dug my nails into the criminals flesh.”.From the beginning of the book to the end you can see from these quotes that he has changed because in the beginning he wanted to do something but he didn't,

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