Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' The Big Brothers '

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I took this story as a mans point of view in how to date. The author made this story very relatable and to not only men but woman could understand it. It reminded me of some men that I know and how they think. I have six nephews so it made me think of them and how I hope they do not behave with their future girlfriends. He states that young men are under constant pressure of trying to fit in with society and make them seem more desirable over others. At home, they are themselves they don’t hide anything, but when it comes to their friends or a girl he may like he will hide embarrassing photos, his childhood toys or even his collections just to impress. In the story, he also mentions how girls will respond to certain sexual situations or even when certain phrases or comments are said. He even gives advice in how to handle each situation. This story could be taken as some big brothers guide in dating.
This story is very straight to the point and really focuses on stereotypes. It highlights different girls and it is based on their ethnicity and social class. Stereotypes do not only dictate how a man treats a woman or others, society in general always stereotype people. We shouldn’t but it is in our nature. While reading this story, I thought Diaz to be a male chauvinist, pretentious and somewhat a pig, but he had a lot of valid points.
When Diaz talks about Anglo woman he mentions that he needs a false identity or bad boy image. He states that when he thinks of them he has…

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