Analysis Of The Book ' Sacred Pathways ' Essay

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There are some Christians who can easily spend hours of quiet time in contemplative prayer. Being around them, it can be easy to covet the way they do things. Nevertheless, we are not meant to covet each other’s paths to finding God. We are all created differently. Also, we will seek and find God in various and different ways. We are hardwired to love God. There is no one formula of what loving our heavenly father should look like. Gary Thomas unpacks this much debated topic in his book Sacred Pathways. Thomas unfolds nine specific spiritual temperaments. He elaborates on what it means to be a naturalist, sensate, traditionalist, ascetic, activist, caregiver, an enthusiast, a contemplative, and an intellectual. Each chapter goes in depth on what it means to have each of these spiritual temperaments. Thomas explains what the strengths and weaknesses associated with these typically are. He also gives real life examples and applications. Overall, this powerful little book is jammed packed with a fresh new perspective on learning about and praising our God.
The first spiritual temperament that Thomas elaborates on, are the naturalists. Naturals love God in the outdoors. They usually prefer to leave formal places with elaborate architectural structures and adornments. They seek God in creation and all of the wondrous creatures that he has made. They feel most at peace while walking or hiking. Their heart is filled with awe and amazement for God’s creation. Most naturalists…

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