Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' Roger '

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Roger is the complete opposite of Simon, he symbolizes the idea that a pure evil and malevolence can exist in a human. In the start of the novel Roger was already apart of Jack’s choir of boys, his allegiance had already been to that of Jack’s. Roger’s first sign of his sinister attributes begin when he is described as having a “shock of black hair...seemed to suit his gloomy face and made what had seemed at first an unsociable remoteness into something forbidding,”(Golding 55). The first time that the author gets into detail about this boy is a description of unpleasantry. Roger seems to have an unsocial and forbidding demeanor to him. This doesn 't sound like someone who is going to be good. He is an unfriendly person who most likely, based on the author’s imagery will do forbidden things to humanity. Roger then continues to explore his capability and he explores himself in the newly founded environment of theirs. Roger had stalked a little boy named Henry and “picked up a stone, and threw it at Henry to miss… Roger gathered a handful of stones and began to throw them,” (Golding 56-57). Someone who didn 't get along well in civilization was allowed to thrive and go unchecked. No person with any ounce of virtue would stalk and torment a little boy. Roger is the darkness inside people, he is what humanity is capable of under these circumstances. Roger has to be a sadist, when he and a group a boys hunt for a sow the author says that “one piglet, with a demented…

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