Analysis Of The Book ' Rankine Talks About Different Forms Micro Aggressions '

1475 Words Mar 11th, 2016 null Page
Micro aggressions are in abundant cyst that continues to grow on the navel of society. Whether they be painful or none existent they still exist. Claudia Rankine author of, Citizen, was someone aided in pointing out these atrocities. For people of color (in this case black people) it is a shard of glass that feels the need to dig its way into their shoulders a little deeper with each passing day. This is because racism is the most practiced sport still in existence. In the book, Rankine talks about different forms micro aggressions can take. The most common being the varying injustices. The first example being the idea of “being different”. The opening consist of the speaker being a talking in the first person where they describe the first time they noticed they were black (8). This entire book was a roller coaster of emotion to the point where it was almost hard too hard to stomach for some people. The idea of white privilege was abundant and it is obnoxious how frequently people exercise it almost subconsciously. Honestly, white people suck. Why you ask? Because they created this patriarchal system of oppression to keep people of color lower than the soil we walk on. The greatest system used would have to be the use of stereotypes. Stereotypes are like this preconceived notions that a person is the way they are because it is their nature. Black people are always compared to these caricatures of themselves and thus seen imaginary entities. Rankine used the example…

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