Analysis Of The Book ' Quotation Marks ' Essay example

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convey this point when referencing the past. For “quotation marks” are too blunt, to obvious, no she needed something that was subtler on the eye. Something that was like a cool breeze blowing down the reader’s neck, a soft whisper in their ear from the darkness, from the silence. It is in the silence that Drndic has created horror, from the invisible. It is here that we meet the second twin that has been endowed the name invisible, for as one would think he is indeed invisible. Invisible is much more sly than his brother. He is not the clown at the end of the dark hallway, he is the cool breeze, he is the voice that whispers in your ear as you walk down the dark hallway. He is what keeps Drndic’s horrific tempo to her story. For at some parts, or should we say the majority of Drndic’s book, the reader is constantly running. They are constantly gasping for air in between Drndic’s long sentences. Forty-nine words in one sentence. F-O-U-R-T-Y N-I-N-E. Drndic goes from 49 words in a sentence, to 30, to 31, to 6, to 10, to 19, to 28 and so the cycle begins again. These 6 and 10 word sentences are where invisible horror hides. For it is these sentences that make the reader stop. Ada is no longer a child... Hitler does not enjoy himself in Rome… Date of death unknown (pg. 27, 49, 215). It is here when the reader runs unexpectedly into a wall at the end of the dark hallway as they were too busy running away from visible horror. They are awoken from their senses, and they begin to…

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