Analysis Of The Book ' Plato Republic Essay

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Mid-term exam question 1 In the book Plato Republic, translated by Christopher Row, Plato and what would be his modern colleagues, embark on a journey to define justice on an individual level and a city level. For Plato, justice or morality begins with a healthy mind or soul. When looking closer into ones soul. The soul is made up of three parts, The rational or reasoning section, the appetitive section and lastly the spirit. For the soul to be just each of these sections must perform their proper jobs. For example, Plato writes, “in relation to his soul, one better and one worse, and that when the naturally better element is in control of the worse (137). In this quote, Plato is explaining his premise for the just soul or individual. Which is a person who is in control of their more “weaker” parts. If an individual is not in control of their counter parts, they are not well and something in their past has affected them. These people cannot control their desires, an example of this is shown when a man runs to touch a corpses, “Over powered by the desire he ran to the corpse”(150). The mans rational parts was not in control of the weaker parts and as a result he could not suppress the urge to touch the bodies. In Plato’s theory this man would have had a mental illness and therefor he is unjust, because his body is not preforming its proper functions. Plato truly values Justice and holds her to a higher standard than his fellow comrades do. He defends justice against all…

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