Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' Nicole Johnson '

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Tinisha Nicole Johnson is a first time author who has written a self-help book dedicated to gaining happiness, self-confidence, and self-worth as a black women. The book consist of 10 lessons each lesson teaches women how to deal with everyday problems women face within society and themselves. Though the book is directed to black women it also provides a voice to women of any race who struggle from the same issues in general. But this book is mainly explore issues relating directly to black women. Though each lesson is different these 3 lessons below really stuck with me. Lesson 1: Happiness is free and is found within you- It is not something you go looking for. Lesson 1 starts off defining what women tend to think will make them happy such as: If I had a man in my life, I’ll finally be happy, if I were prettier , I’ll finally be happy, or if I were slimmer or had a different body, I’ll finally be happy. Women around the world believe these aspects will finally make them happy, but they won’t. Happiness starts from within everything outside is just an enhancement. The outside world doesn’t contribute to our happiness until black women are happy with themselves. Many believe happiness is somewhere waiting for them, but in reality real happiness consists of your mind, heart, and soul. All outside facts are just added factor to our happiness. Near the end of the lesson one we are asked to write out what do I want out of life? This gives women the opportunity to express what…

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