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Too Many Tamales
Soto, G., & Martinez, E. (1993). Too Many Tamales. New York: Putnam.
Book Summary:
This book is about a little girl named Maria who was assisting her mother while making tamales for Christmas. With the excitement of getting to feel like an adult, Maria decided to borrow her mother’s ring without permission while they cooked the tamales. Her family began to arrive and Maria soon realized that the ring that she borrowed was missing. She soon turned to her cousins for help to find the ring and they decided to inspect all the tamales by eating them. Shortly after finishing the last tamale, one cousin suspected that he may have eaten the ring. At the end of the story Maria had to be brave and admit to her mother that she had borrowed her ring but soon after noticed that the diamond ring was sparkling on her mother 's finger, and because they ate all the tamales the family had to join to prepare same more tamales.

Suggested grades: Grades K - 2

Instructional Applications: This book could be used to help expose children to different holiday traditions. This book focuses on Christmas and is great way to help students picture different ways people celebrates the holiday. It discusses the differences in what they eat, customs, how the house is decorated, and what the children are wearing that is displayed in the pictures. Just because people celebrate the same holiday does not mean the traditions are the same in every home. After reading you could have the…

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