Analysis Of The Book ' Mayme Chase ' Essay

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Mayme Chase Most people do not get the pleasure of knowing their great grandmother. I am one of the lucky few that had the chance to meet my great grandma, Mayme Chase. Mayme Chase was 99 years and 9 months old when she passed away. My parents named me Elizabeth Chase so that I could be named after her. She was not like the ordinary elderly person though. Most people in their 90’s are sick and dying but she lived like a teenager until her last day. Mayme Chase was a very persistent lady. She had six children; five daughters and one son. After having their first child Mayme and her husband, Burt, decided they wanted a boy. So they kept getting pregnant and every time they had the child it would be a girl. They did love every single one of their little girls but they still wanted a boy. So they tried their sixth time and finally had their little boy. If she would have had a boy the first few times she would have never had all her girls. She would not give up until she finally had her little boy which was a blessing. Usually by the time people are having children they would have their driver’s license. Not Mayme, she never went to get her license. That never stopped her from driving around or getting new cars. The way she saw it was if she had been driving since she was a kid she should not have to prove that she could drive. If she wanted to drive there was no talking her out of it. Most people stop partying and going all the time when they have kids and are married.…

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