Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' Maus 's `` Maus ``

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Art Spiegelman’s Maus tells a compelling story about his father, family and other people’s experiences during the Holocaust. Spiegelman didn’t only use comic as his way of portraying the Holocaust but uses animal metaphor to depict behaviors of disparate nationality and the identity of the characters. The portraying of animals as humans makes the reader accentuate more strongly on the horrific nature of the Holocaust; as these mistreated animals are indeed human beings. The use of animal allegory analyzes the relationships, similarities, and the differences of animals and humans. Also, In the comic novel, the Germans treated the Jews as vermin instead of humans; affirmed by the metaphor of German cats chasing Jewish mice. Certainly, it wasn’t only Jewish mice or Germans cats; other animal figures depict different ethnic stereotypes; the Americans as dogs, the Poles as pigs, and the French, frogs. Spiegelman indicates the maltreatment of the Jews by the Germans by characterizing them as mice in his animal metaphor novel. Similarly, Adolf Hitler said, “The Jews are undoubtedly a race, but they are not human,” this creates the analogy used in the telling of the Holocaust. An effective weapon that Hitler gives Spiegelman to achieve his allegory. In an interview with the New York times, Spiegelman notes that “ Israelis have resisted “Maus,” uncomfortable that "the image of mice contains the stereotype of Jews as pathetic and defenseless creatures." Mr. Spiegelman…

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