Analysis Of The Book ' Man Takes First Steps On The Moon ' Essay

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Writers use different methods to catch a reader 's attention, some can be caught by persuading the reader or audience using reasoning as well as facts towards the argument either positive or negative. Others could be convinced towards a certain argument over someone with authority. Stating the pros and proving them will make the audience agree with them. The audience’s attention could be shown by their reaction to a certain picture or imagine. What that picture could mean could vary and the audience uses their emotions to emphasize their statement. Space Exploration opens the mind of many audiences and can help writers catch their attention simply by using text, speeches, or pictures to make an argument of certain things about space that the audience will either agree or disagree and will release facts of their own or emotions just to back up their argument.
In the article “Man Takes First Steps on the Moon” published by The Times, talks about how the atmosphere in space was when Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin were on the moon. As Aldrin reports back to base, “There are quite a few rocks and boulders in the near area which are going to have some interesting colors in them.” This is a fact given to the reader to expand their imagination on what the colors of the rocks could possibly be since they don’t state what actual color they could be. Later in the article Aldrin radios again, “We’ll get to the details of what’s around here. But it looks like a collection of every…

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