Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' Lord Of The Flies '

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The book, Lord of the Flies, and the film, JFK, are very similar even though it seems like they are totally different topics.The “bigguns” treat and see the “littluns” as unimportant and clueless and it is dangerous to the society, the masses of society should care and they should matter because they all seem to be ignorant when they aren’t and therefore they shouldn 't be unimportant.
The attitudes of those who hold the higher power have different ways of treating the masses of society. The people who hold the higher power tend to overuse it and take advantage of what they can do without realizing the damage they can do. An example of how people react when they finally have some power, such as being a part of the government, is “Some source of power began to pulse in Roger’s body” (pg. 175). The way the people with more power treat the masses is horrible because it makes them more ignorant and clueless. When people get ahold of power it usually gets the best of them even if they are nice or mean . An example of how people let the power they have get the best of them is “Power lay in the brown swell of his forearms: authority sat on his shoulder and chattered in his ear like an ape.” (pg. 150). In the JFK film one of the people that was on Garrison’s team got ahold of power and he ended up leaving went they weren 't listening to him and he ended up leaving and telling the opposing team everything they had against them. Another example of people taking advantage of power…

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