Essay about Analysis Of The Book ' Life Of Pi '

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Despite following 3 religions, it is Pi’s faith in God and sometimes his doubt in himself that contributes to his survival. Faith is what you believe in and it is a very flexible topic of discussion. Many people have different aspects and ideologies toward faith. Like most people would say, a person should follow only one religion but then there is Pi who follows three religion’s at once, Hindu, Islam, and Christianity. Faith is an extremely important topic in the novel, Life of Pi. If there was no topic of faith in the novel, then it would be really hard to understand some stuff. Also I think having faith in the book was a good idea because then that adds more genres in the book, survival, faith and fiction. I doubt most people would enjoy the book if there was no relationship or connection to faith in the novel.
I believe faith is very important in the book because it is the reason that Pi made it out alive to Mexico since it is the only thing that had given him hope that he will find land and live normally one day. So when he was in sea for approximately 260 days, he doubted his belief in his 3 gods and that’s where doubt kicks in the situation. So wherever there is religion there will or has to be doubt because we always expect something back when we ask for a favor from god and if we do not get the answer we wanted, then we start doubting the belief we have. Like I stated earlier, Pi doubted his faith in his 3 gods at some point of his journey in the sea but when he…

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