Analysis Of The Book ' Kaffir Boy ' By Mark Mathabane Essay examples

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Kaffir Boy is a book written by Mark Mathabane. This book is about the author’s autobiographical story, and how he escape from apartheid in South Africa. The main historical issue is apartheid which is a political system created by white government in South Africa in 1948. This word literally means separation. The blacks and whites cannot live together. Whites are able to live on a better land, which is spacious, and filled with rich resources. But black people have to live on a crowded and poor land. Another mean issue is the Pass Law, which means every black have to own a passbook as a form of identification. If anyone who does not own the passbook is spotted by the police, they will be arrested. This passbook is mentioned through the entire book. The place where the author is born and live in is called Alexandra. It was one of the apartheid location created by white government. Only the blacks, Indians, and people who do not have white skin reside in this location. They are basically being segregated according to race. There are 23 avenues in this area, and the living conditions are deteriorating as the population increases. Indians live in First Avenue, Coloreds live in second and third avenues, and blacks live in the rest of the avenues. The avenue where blacks are living in is as poor as church mice (4). “In South Africa there’s a saying that to be black is to be at the end of the line when anything of significance is to be had” (4). As we can see through this quotes,…

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