Analysis Of The Book ' Joe Copp ' Essay

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Joe Copp is a private investigator, who is six foot three inches tall and weighs 260 pounds. He is an ex-cop, and lives and investigates the cases that he takes on in Hollywood, California. He finds himself, like most private investigators in fiction, broke most of the time, living paycheck to paycheck, and yearning for someone to come through his door with a money making case for him to work on. All so he can pay back the money that he borrowed or owes on his bills and have maybe a little for himself.

He is a shoot first, ask questions later type of man, and Don Pendleton helps him along by giving him quite a bit to shoot at. Joe is also a tough, he-man kind of guy and takes no guff from anyone.

The series is narrated by Copp himself in the first person. The novels start in the middle of things while Copp is on the trail of some criminal, before Copp tells readers how he got into that situation.

There are six novels to the mystery crime series, and the last one came out in the year 1992. The series is considered to be a hardboiled detective series and is considered to be formula fiction. The “Joe Copp” series, like the “Mike Hammer” novels, feature some action that is over the top. The series features Pendleton 's signature writing style that has been found in his previous work, and includes: a fast paced plot, hard hitting moments, and real dialogue. It also gets into the mind of the characters and shows readers their inner workings. Writing the “Joe Copp” series…

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