Community Policing Analysis

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James Q. Wilson’s defines critical tasks as, “those behaviors which, if successfully performed by key organizational members, would enable the organization to manage its critical environmental problem” (Wilson, 1989, p. 25). In his writings the organization’s tasks were different from the organization’s goals.
The critical tasks of law enforcement agencies are to provide order, protect, serve and enable people to feel safe and secure. Dominant trends in policing innovation over the last two decades include community and problem-oriented policing. However, the tragic events of September 2001 have left the United States confronted with the requirement for a new style of policing which reflects a movement toward enhanced domestic security, Homeland
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Police rely on the community to report crime and provide vital information that is necessary for them to fight crime and address community concerns, and the community relies on the police to curb disorder and help in times of emergency. Subsequently, the primary goal is working cooperatively with individual citizens, groups of citizens and both public and private organizations to resolve issues which potentially affect the livability of specific neighborhoods, areas, city or country as a whole. Issues such as excessive force, police corruptions, rudeness and other negative factors can be instrumental in destroying trust, thus preventing acceptance of the police department’s from the …show more content…
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