Analysis Of The Book ' Jasper Jones ' Essays

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Craig Silvey’s novel 2009 novel, Jasper Jones, is coming of age story set in the fictional mining town of Corrigan, Australia over the summer of 1965 where the protagonist, Charlie Bucktin is exposed to confronting issues which ultimately change the way in which he views the world. As Lois T. Stover noted in 2001, “Good young adult literature deals with the themes and issues which mirror the concerns of society … [and] help[s] readers understand the complexities … [of] these issues.” Jasper Jones, substantiates this claim, with one of the key issues addressed being racism and scapegoating. This issue has its origins way back in history and despite the ‘progress’ we as a society have supposedly made it still prominently exists in today’s contemporary world. The issue racism and scapegoating is unequivocally represented in the novel by racist views against and the use as a scapegoat of the well-constructed characters of Jasper Jones; Mrs. Lu and An Lu; and thirdly Jeffrey Lu.
The character of Jasper Jones, who during the novel is the town’s scapegoat and is racially prejudiced because he is a half-caste. Throughout the town of Corrigan, Jasper has a terrible reputation and is often used as the scapegoat. This is exemplified when Charlie says “He’s the first name to be blamed for all manner of trouble … whatever the misdemeanour” and if another child is in trouble “Jasper’s involvement instantly absolves them … [because] they’ve been waylaid by the devil” (Page 7). The use of a…

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