Essay about Analysis Of The Book ' Into The Woods '

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Into the Woods, a fairy tale mash-up of infamous characters that are known across the world with many interpretations. It begins the musical with a baker and his wife, Cinderella, Jack, and Little Red Riding Hood singing about how they wish to be happy. All the characters are tied into the baker and his wife’s life, for they cannot bear a child due to a curse set by the witch. When she comes to visit, she explains why their predicament has occurred which was a punishment, for the crimes of the baker’s father. In order to lift the curse, they must return with four items: A cow white as milk, a cape red as blood, a shoe made of gold, and hair golden as corn to return to the witch of what she lost, her beauty and youth. Forcing these characters to meet the adventure into the woods begins.
The baker seems like a typical male character. He wants to show dominance and is the “bread-winner” of the family and that he can take care of curse by himself. Whereas for the baker’s wife, she presents that teamwork goes further and that being a couple they should be able to work through the difficulties of life. Nonetheless, the baker goes and tries to assert his competency, he is proven quickly that they work better as a team and that being together makes the trip into the woods a worthwhile and eye-opening journey.
Actor Christian Harward played the dynamic character of the baker and his wife played by Alexandria Sortino are vital characters within the play. When interacting, they…

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