Analysis Of The Book ' Into The Wild ' Essay

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In the next few chapters of Into the Wild, the author continues to talk about Chris’s family. He talks about their reactions to the way Chris was living his life and his sister’s reaction to his sudden death. It was interesting for me to read about their side and their perspective on Chris’s journey because it allowed me to see how they described Chris versus how he described them. He always complained about the way his family wanted him to live his life, because it wasn’t the way he wanted to live it, and I wasn’t aware of his family’s past until this section of the story. In the past chapters, the author has discussed how Chris’s father divorced his mother and go re-married, but in this section, he discusses how when Chris’s father got re-married, he had an affair with his ex-wife and they had another child together. This tore their family apart for a long time, but eventually they put it behind them. What’s interesting about it is that Chris didn’t know about these events until a few years before, and that caused him to grow distant with his parents. I also thought it was interesting how the author waited to discuss this information until later on in the story, versus right away. I think it’s because he wants the reader to believe that Chris’s relationship between his parents was like many teenagers just wanting to be free of their parents’ and the world’s control. However, it was really because they lied to him about a really intense family secret and that his dad really…

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