Analysis Of The Book ' Into The Wild ' By Alexander Supertramp

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Transcendentalism is the cultural movement that utilized nature and the essence of the spirit in order to confine against the societal status quo. Christopher McCandless, who also goes by Alexander Supertramp, denied the conformity of society and other beliefs. Chris’s younger sister, Carine, revealed part of his journey to Jon Krakauer, who later on wrote about Chris’s journey in the book, Into the Wild. When the book was published, numerous amount of criticism were made about Chris’s ignorant actions. As the ruthless comments continue, Carine argues her guilty consequences built up and regret not revealing his full migration. However, society has a tendency to putdown those who does not fit in with the status quo. Disagreeing with Carine, I believe the book unfolded an exceptional amount of information, because Chris was a mysterious guy who did not care about what society portrays of him. He abandoned his luxurious life and relied on his instincts to discover who he really was. Christopher McCandless is a transcendentalist, which was shown through his actions during his lifetime. Society has a fear of change and rebellious actions, for example when Chris left his family to develop his own ideas about the world, readers automatically assumed he was foolish and crappy person. Nonetheless, no one knew the real reason that drove Chris into the wild, except Carine. Society has an addiction to fight and put down someone who is the outlier of the status quo. Krakauer’s…

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