Analysis Of The Book ' Hazel '

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The story takes place in the Indianapolis of the sick, not Indianapolis of the tourist, workers and students. The main character is Hazel Grace Lancaster, she’s a tall, short haired, and carries an oxygen tank with her wherever she goes. The novels’ author is Hazel and she is a 16 year old protagonist. Another main character is a 17 year old, Augustus Waters, he’s so much taller than Hazel, blue eyes, and a huge basketball fan. There’s something different about both of them, they have cancer. Hazel has thyroid cancer and it spread into lung cancer. Augustus has osteosarcoma which caused him to lose his leg. They met at a cancer patient support group at her mother’s behave to make her happy. In the beginning of the book, Hazel is discussing her life with cancer and the pros and cons. She doesn’t meet Augustus until she finally takes her mother’s thoughts and goes to the support group. Augustus then asks to spend the day with her and their short life together begins. From talking and obsessing about a famous writer, Peter Van Houten, to visiting the Anne Frank Museum, and taking spontaneous picnics in the park. The main complication in the book is surviving the cancer. Augustus doesn’t want to die soon because he wants to be “somebody” in his life. BUT, Hazel is constantly tempted in her mind that her lungs could fail at any moment. As the main character, Hazel Grace has to make the most of her days in her short infinity. Her emotion in this book could be described as

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