Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' Gang Of One Memoirs Of A Red Guard '

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American’s First Amendment gives us many significant freedoms such as freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom to assembly, Communist China doesn’t have any of these freedoms if it goes against the People’s Government. In Fan Shen’s book, Gang of One Memoirs of a Red Guard, he had no rights to believe or say anything different from what the government wants. Shen is born and grows in a Chinese Communist family in Red China, and he tries to escape the legal way because if he doesn’t it would cause problems for his family. It is difficult to know what it is like not having freedom of speech when we have grown up with it, Shen was not as lucky, he grew up in a world without the basic freedom that is given to us in the First Amendment; freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom to assembly.
The freedom of speech includes the right to speak one mind, share ideas, and information, all of which Shen was not allowed to do in public or to say most of the time because the secret police might be listening in. Fan known two great loyal Red Guards Chunky and Dragon Sister, but they were arrested as traitors and Fan thought to himself that maybe the Great Leader was not as great as he thought, but he also known that it was a dangerous thought and hide it away in his heart (Fan Shen 41). He could have been in great trouble if he said his thoughts of the Great Leader out loud, even as a child, he could have been child as a traitor. At the beginning of the book there was…

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