Essay about Analysis Of The Book ' Fear And Trembling '

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Fear and Trembling is a novel that provides the reader with a view into a different culture. A Belgian girl working in corporate Japan, shows the difference between eastern and western cultures. This is important because it illustrates a new taboo culture to western audiences. In the Japanese culture, the regular person sees themselves as a small being who need to start small and the only way to grow is to have experience while in a western culture, a regular person sees themselves as a large, significant part of society and that you need to have individual traits that set you apart from others to grow. Amelie Nothomb uses characterization, irony, and symbolism to illustrate the differences between cultures throughout her novel, Fear and Trembling. Nothomb creates ironic situations throughout her novel, Fear and Trembling. In pages 48-57 it shows the struggles Amelie goes through when given the accounting job. It took her days to do the job that Fubuki could do in "3 minutes and 50 seconds." It caused her so much stress she went crazy and one night got completely naked and hugged Fubuki 's computer for warmth. This is ironic because Fubuki expected the job to be done in a few days but it ended up taking her a lot longer and to find Amelie the next morning naked and covered in trash is the opposite of what she imagined. When telling the truth, western culture tells it how it is; Japanese culture tells the truth a little more complex. Say their talking about an apple,…

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