Analysis Of The Book ' Fahrenheit 451 ' Essay

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As I continue to read the novel or group of short stories in the book Fahrenheit 451. I have mixed emotions about it because certain parts of the book still seems to be odd to me. The exposition of the book is set in place by describing the main character in the stories, Guy Montag who is a fireman that is hired to burn books of people who have in them in their possession because during this time books were against the law. And then by chance he met his neighbor Clarisse McClellan a young lady that some would call strange, however for the time being I choose to refer to her as unique. As they walked along she tells him about the things that interest her and that she was considered an odd ball by most of the people that she encounters. This chance encounter changed his life forever. The rising action of the book during a set of situations that happen and changes Guy’s view forever. Some of the issue that he had to deal with were his wife’s addiction, Clarisse’s death, the elderly lady that committed suicide and his eye opening transition from a person that just went through life with blinders on and just followed the rules and regulations. He did as he was told and never even for one had a thought of why he burned the books or how it affected the people who owned Haynes 3
The books that he burned. He had a job to do and he would not let the people that he represented down. The climax of the story is when Guy began to get interested in the books that he…

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