Essay Analysis Of The Book ' Brighty Of The Grand Canyon '

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When I was a child, every night before bed my mother would read to me. She would lay next to me on my little bottom bunk, while the snow fell in the Maine woods outside and the dog slept at my feet and she would read. The stories she read to me were almost always historical fiction, a favorite of both of ours. We read about medieval Europe, ancient Greece, victorian England, the roaring twenties, the world wars, anything before this century really. One day she read me a book called Brighty of the Grand Canyon, the story of a burro that got involved in a wild west adventure. I loved the story, it was full of mystery and adventure. My mother realized how much I enjoyed the story and came up with a plan. The next thing I know, she was dipping into our saving to take me and my brother to the grand canyon. At nine years old I stood at the edge of one of the great natural wonders of the world as a story became an experience and I learned what I would later realize was one of the most influential lessons in my life. I realized how many stories that canyon must contain, not just Brighty’s, which was tragically fictional, but the stories of Native people, and the first European explorers, and all the cowboys of the wild west. It was in that moment I realized I wanted to know these stories, that I wanted to learn all about history. A passion just beginning to form that would ultimately become the focus of my academic career. A connection between stories and experiences. It was the…

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