Analysis Of The Book ' Between The World And Me ' Essays

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What does it mean to be a black body in America? Why does this minute aspect of one’s being affect the way they look at the world and how the world looks at them? These are questions that Ta - Nehisi Coates investigates in his book Between the World and Me. This narrative, written in the form of a letter to the author’s 15 year old son, addresses the realities of being a person of color in the United States. It explains that although the black community has overcome seemingly insurmountable problems in the past, such as slavery and segregation, the exploitation of the black body is still prevalent in today 's American society in the form of institutionalized racism and a deeply rooted history of intolerance. Through a recount of his own personal experiences, Coates is able to illustrate to his son and the audience, the inevitable truth of what it really means to be a black face in a white place.
The author begins his story by describing the events from a recent interview that he had with a host of a popular news show. Deriving from a statement that he had said earlier that week, the host asked Coates what it meant to lose his body? Having dealt with intelligent individuals before, he quickly realized that even though it was not directly mentioned, the host was really asking not about the condition of his body but instead why Coates felt like white success is accredited to violence. The answer to this question is in the history of whites in this country, American history. As…

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