Essay about Analysis Of The Book ' Armstrong '

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Throughout the book, Armstrong provides a vast amount of information that deals historically with how men and women have perceived God. She provides a chapter, and sometimes more than one chapter, dealing with how each one of Judaism, Christianity and Islam perceived God throughout history. Each historical chapter of the book is rich with information concerning how and why each religion has certain beliefs. However, a flaw of being so rich in information is the lack of simplicity and clarity. It is difficult to clearly comprehend the main theme that Armstrong is attempting to extenuate. Armstrong attempts to signify that each of the monotheistic religion developed the idea of having a personal God. In Judaism, Armstrong explains that “Jews were not to think of God as a Big Brother, watching their every move from above; instead they were to cultivate a sense of God within each human being so that our dealings with others became sacred encounters” (Armstrong, pg. 78). Armstrong also develops a connection between the historical God in Israel and the God that developed over centuries by stating “The God of Israel has sometimes seemed to encourage a most unholy and inhumane cruelty. But over the centuries Yahweh had become an idea that could help people cultivate a compassion and respect for their fellow human beings,” (Armstrong, pg. 78). Armstrong does an excellent job at providing a comprehensive background for Judaism and how the idea of “One God” came about; however, it is…

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