Analysis Of The Book ' A Cage ' Essay

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Balram justifies murdering Ashok in order to live as a man and escape the destiny that the Indian jungle had planned for him. The people of India or either living luxurious lives or barely surviving in the slums. Balram is determined to rise in the ranks no matter what the consequences. Balram tells his granny,"I can 't live the rest of my life in a cage"(239). He does not regret his actions once his eyes are open to the injustices in his life. He will commit one murder if he can become a free man.

The quest to break free from the life that was planned for him by his grandmother and society begins when Balram is young. He is praised for his intellect and called by the school inspector a white tiger, "the rarest of animals -- the creature that comes along only once in a generation"(30). Balram is set apart from his classmates as a boy who should not be in the darkness. He knew even as a boy, "what was beautiful in the world: I was destined not to stay a slave"(35). His father also saw greatness in him. His father wanted Balram to stay in school and read and write to have a better future. He says, "My whole life, I have been treated like a donkey. All I want is that one son of mine - at least one - should live like a man"(26). Balram was deeply affected by his father 's brutal life. His father lived a hard life as a rick-shaw puller, Balram describes his father as, "a human beast of burden"(23). Balram 's father died a horrible death from tuberculosis right in front of him.…

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