Analysis Of The Book ' 13 Reasons Why By Jay Asher The Antagonist

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“To hurt someone who trusts you, by not giving help or by doing something morally wrong”- Merriam-Webster. In the novel, 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher the antagonist, Hannah Baker, commits suicide leaving behind a set of thirteen tapes. Each tape is a recording of Hannah talking about the individuals whom all played a role in her death. The protagonist, Clay Jensen, only met Hannah twice before her death, but receives the set of tapes only to find out that one is dedicated to him. Betrayal is a careless act that is powerful enough to corrupt one’s life. The theme of betrayal is visible throughout the novel, by the use of several literary elements. The emotional setting in the novel proves that disloyal relationships have the ability to trap an individual in a negative mental state. Moreover, the symbolism conveys that rumours can bring out the unfaithful character in even your closest friends. Ultimately, betrayal is greatly portrayed by conflict, depicting that unfaithfulness by close friends can create negative judgments towards your reputation in society.
To begin with, the emotional setting in the novel illustrates the sorrow consciousness of the antagonist, Hannah Baker, which resulted from a battle with betrayal. Hannah has faced countless betrayals by people whom she trusted enough to call “friends”, eventually questioning her own decisions. “I’m giving life one more chance. And this time, I’m getting help. I’m asking for help because I cannot do this alone. I’ve…

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