Essay on Analysis Of The Biography ' Dead Hands Of The Past '

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Faith Picotte History 310 Homework #1
In history the best aide to knowing the past is also its biggest drawback in textbooks chronology of past history.
Readers often start on false assumptions of “Dead hands of the past”. Historian Frances
Fitzgerald aptly writes about textbooks they speak with authority “to us as children”.
1. Native American Indians have been the biggest losers both in the American past and in the history books. History is mostly written by the white man who were the winners in the end.
Much more than four hundred years ago Latin American republics of Mexico, central and south America were occupied copper colored tribes of barbarians and savages whose ancestors crossed the barring straight from northeastern Asia to Alaska many centuries before. These “Amerinds”as they were referred to distinguish them from the Indians of India. Indians showed great diversity in character and attainments due to climate, food, soil, building materials and activies to survive. Mayans of Yucatan, Incans of Peru, Aztecs of Mexico, the Hopi’s of New Mexico, the Haidas of queen Charlotte islands, the Iroquis of central New York are few examples of Indian tribes that learned to build elaborate calendars, weave beautiful baskets, rugs, pottery, build clay houses of cedar beams decorated with stone ornaments with huge carved totem poles, devised political institutions, sowed crops of beans, pumpkins, and corn. While other tribes were sunk in savagery…

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