Analysis Of The Article ' World War II ' Essays

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I stumbled across an article on about a Japanese Zero pilot in World War II lamenting the war and his country’s role in it. One point made in the article that caught my attention was “Harada said his main concern is that as his war generations dies out, decisions about Japan’s future will rest with younger people who have only known peace and never experienced the horrors of war” (Wright, 2015). That is a sobering thought and equally applicable here in the United States along with the rest of the world. To get the message across to the new generation here in the United States Art Spiegelman used a comic book style format which provided every bit as much information and impact as a more traditionally written story.
The author created this story from interviews of his father who along with his wife, alluded the Nazi’s and then when finally captured were lucky to have survived captivity in a concentration camp in World War II. As his father aged he wanted to capture his memories for future generations. While reading this story I found myself thinking back to Mary Rowlandson’s account of her captivity with the Indians. Spiegelman used imagery to convey what his father thought of the Poles and Nazis. For instance he drew the Polish people as pigs, the Nazis as Cats, and the Jews as Mice. The symbolism of the Mice and Cats is not easily missed. Drawing the Polish as pigs is both subtle and profound at the same time. Subtle in that they are just another animal that…

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