Analysis Of The Article ' We Are All Noah Now ' Essay

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Reaction Paper Draft 1 Did you know that the average temperature of earth has increased 1.6 degrees since 1890. Although, carbon dioxide concentration in atmosphere, as a result of traditional fuels combustion, have increased from 280 part/million to reach 384 part/million and is growing up by 2 part/million each year. Researches show that at current rates carbon dioxide level will be more than 500 part/million before 2100, a level most scientists consider it as the “no return point”, that is, climate change cannot be controlled (Citation). I remembered this information after reading the article “We Are All Noah Now” (Friedman, 2016). What was his main idea? The author was inspired by many events starting from Robert Macfarlane book “Landmarks,” telling the story about Oxford Dictionary for Junior remove specific “nature words” and his conclusion about the speed of disappearing of our natural world, although the seminars organized by International Union for Conservation of Nature about forests, oceans, ice melt, species extinctions and earth temperature and from which Mother Nature will not be able to recover, in addition to the declination of the African elephant population by 30 percent from 2007 to 2014 reported in The Times, and a lot of bad news about the climate change and negative impact of all of this information on the natural balance species needed more than 3.5 billion years to find it. And he wants all of us and our kids to become the Noah generation, to save…

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