Essay Analysis Of The Article ' Two Nations Revisited '

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The article that I have perused, Two Nations Revisited is about the consistent patterns of social inequalities that regard whites as casualties and minorities as culprits, that as well as how our country is splitting up into two societies, one black and one white, to become separate and unequal. The battle for justice and democratic change through tranquil means have only brought about the deaths of more brown and black individuals.
The article mentions many cases that lead to why whites have been treated as victims and minorities have been treated as perpetrators. To start, 25 year-old Freddie Gray was pronounced dead from having sustained massive injuries to his larynx, vertebrae, and his spine. This occurred because the police did not follow the procedures that Mr. Gray had needed. Six officers had been charged with second degree heart murder, involuntary man slaughter, and secondary assault. Many believe that this was only the start of what needed to happen to address the illegal actions by police, and the racism that runs within the U.S. Criminal Justice System, and prison complexes. The purpose that this article served was, to inform us on how the U.S. Criminal Justice System and prison complexes are being ran by the police, in ways that we would have never imagined, and to help us understand why it’s a major issue within the United States. What the article says about the issue under investigation was whether or not police officers abuse their authority and capacity…

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