Analysis Of The Article ' Taking Local On The Road ' By Camille Kingsolver

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What is Food? What is the Purpose of Food?
Many people have the options of choosing where to eat and what to eat. Some even choose to eat microwavable foods as option for dinner. But can you recall when you ate a home cooked meal? Or when you went to your local farmers market? In today’s society, we are too busy to even cook a meal; we tend to lure towards for processed food or as Camille Kingsolver says, “we rely more on foods that come out of a shiny wrappers instead of peels or skins” (37). It’s sad to say, but more and more people are looking for an easier way to eat
In the article, “Taking Local on the Road,” author, Camille Kingsolver found it tough to find fresh food at her college campus. Soon, she realizes how she benefits to have freshly grown produce back home. Living on campus, made her realize that a lot of the food that she was eating was unhealthy. She even tried sticking to the salad bar at the dining hall, and even that didn’t have the fresh crisp salad crunch that she was hoping for. She described her salad at the dining hall as, “pinkish tomatoes and paperlike iceberg lettuce” (37). Missing home, and craving for fresh produce, made curious Kingsolver to start asking questions when she would go out to purchase food. She then discovers two campus eateries, one that uses free-range meat and another that uses locally organic grown produce in their meals. She asked because cared, she wanted to know where her food was coming from and she wanted to support local…

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