Analysis Of The Article ' Red Pen Rhetoric ' Essay

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Some people have been lucky enough to experience the privilege of being educated. Whether or not one has been educated, he or she knows education is an important life aspect because it allows people to learn valuable life lessons and skills. Everyone has their own views on which teaching style is the best, including Mr. Steve Wyrick. In an argumentative essay entitled, “Red-Pen Rhetoric: Looking at the Response to Student Writing in Freshman College Composition Courses,” graduate student and teacher assistant, Mr. Steven T. Wyrick, focuses on what he believes to be the best relationship between student and teacher. This relationship, known as co-constituency, is one that Wyrick believes will help students in writing courses to develop their own academic voices. Wyrick starts his essay with an anecdotal introduction and tells his audience his main points, which are found in his thesis. The argument, which is written in APA formatting, has five sections: one for the introduction, conclusion, and one for each of his main points. Throughout the essay, Wyrick focuses on the rhetorical situation of writing an essay, the way students view their writing instructors, and how teachers and students can work toward co-constituency. He believes that co-constituency is needed in order for the student to develop his or her own writing style. According to Wyrick, once a writing style is developed, the student will be able to develop his or her own academic voice, which will lead to…

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