Analysis Of The Article ' On Warts ' By Thomas Lewis Essay

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Many people associate warts with witches and other such unsavory characters. However, warts are not limited to those who fail common hygienic practices and are in fact quite common among the human population. Warts are an interesting virus that can appear anywhere on your skin. The exuberant cells of a wart are the elaborate reproductive apparatus of a wart virus. These warts can be removed by many simple solutions. In the essay, “On Warts” by Thomas Lewis, he discusses the fact that these warts can be removed efficiently, and effectively by hypnosis. Robert Goldstein and Nicholas Spanos have done studies that agree with Thomas’ argument that the unconscious mind is a powerful thing and may serve useful in the treatment of warts. In their articles, Thomas, Goldstein, and Spanos all argue for the power of the unconscious mind, the power of suggestion through placebos and the use of hypnosis as a holistic method to treat warts that seem to be resistant to typical medical treatments.
The unconscious mind plays a big part in the science behind the eradication of warts. Thomas states in his article, “ If my unconscious can figure out how to manipulate the mechanisms needed for getting around that virus, and for deploying all the various cells in the correct order for tissue rejection, then all I have to say is that my unconscious is a lot further along than I am” (Thomas, 4). The unconscious mind is powerful in the sense that you give yourself thoughts and listen to opinions…

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