Essay about Analysis Of The Article ' Long Road Home ' By Lois Raimondo

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In the article ‘Long Road Home’ written and photographed by Lois Raimondo, the obvious signs of Primitivism and Orientalism are present throughout the imagery and written experiences expressed throughout the piece. The cultural differences are shown between the western and eastern way of living throughout the article through Raimondos experiences and the images she photographs. This essay will draw examples and annalistic interpretations of cultural differences that are shown through the imagery and the events that are written throughout the article. The Primitivism and Orientalism between American and Afghanistan will be discussed and supported with theorist interpretations, and how understandings of the two ways of life are completely different.

Primitivism – Bread child picture

A visual image within the national geographic article shows a child walking to her local market to get bread for her family, walking through hundreds of uniformed Northern Alliance who had captured the town the night before, this communicates Primitivism within the imagery and the description of the image. In the Western world humans acquire most their food through supermarkets, however in Afghanistan they send their children early in the morning to go to the market to acquire bread for the entire family. The way that the Islam obtains food can be implying that they lack development in their way of living compared to the Western-world way of acquiring food. In the picture you can see a small…

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