Analysis Of The Article ' Homeless ' By Anna Quindlen Essay

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“Homeless” by Anna Quindlen is a powerful essay that goes in depth about what it means to have a true home. While Quindlen was writing a story about homeless people she met a woman named Ann. Ann was homeless and currently living in a Port Authority Bus Terminal. While Quindlen spoke with Ann about being homeless she was shown a picture of an old house. This house was once Ann’s, it used to be her home. After speaking with Ann and seeing the photograph Quindlen learned that just because some people do not have houses or a place to live doesn’t mean that they do not have a home. “Home is where the heart it” states Quindlen while explaining that a home can be anywhere if you have love.
Throughout the essay, Quindlen makes the argument that home is where the heart is and everyone should appreciate the little things in life. “I love my home with a ferocity totally out of proportion to its appearance or location. I love dumb things about it: the hot-water heater, the plastic rack you drain dishes in, the roof over my head, which occasionally leaks. And yet it is precisely those dumb things that make it what it is—a place of certainty, stability, predictability, privacy, for me and for my family.” states Quindlen as she explains that you do not need a fancy house filled with expensive items to have a loving home. After talking with Ann about the house in the photo, Quindlen realized that just because people are homeless and do not have a house does not mean that they do not have…

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