Analysis Of The Article ' Higher Education Went From Being A Public Good On A Private Good

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In a world where college is seemingly becoming a necessary prerequisite for every job, tuition fees continue to skyrocket. As a college student, I experience this first hand. Within the article, “Higher Education went from being a Public Good to a Private Good” published in The Washington Post in 2014, Catherine Rampell reveals the true culprit behind the increasing costs to attend college. Before reading the article, I believed that the college was behind the rising tuition costs. However, multiple times in her article, Rampell describes how the state legislators are behind making college go further out of reach for those the country’s future depends on. She effectively convinced me that the colleges have to raise their tuition rates due to the lack of state funding. This funding was cut by the state legislators. To support her argument, Rampell uses a combination of logical appeal, credible sources for research, and an appeal to the audience’s emotion.
While making her accusations for the rising tuition rates, Rampell effectively targeted an audience of college students and educated professionals. Her article was published in The Washington Post in 2014. For this particular newspaper, their audience usually consists of nine million readers. These readers usually consist of well-educated, employed citizens a fraction of whom are in a high position in the company that they work for. Rampell appeals to this audience by discussing college. Since seventy-two percent of her…

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